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Cubing knowledge

The Rubik's Cube was invented in 1974 by Hungarian Ernõ Rubik. Every side of the cube consists of 9 pieces, each of one of six solid colors. The cube is solved when all sides consist of one color. The cube can be scrambled in approximately 43 quintillion different ways, making every solve unique for a cuber. This is also the secret of its popularity. The Rubik's Cube is the most popular toy ever made and 450 million Rubik's Cubes has been sold worldwide.

A lot of different variations of the cube has also been made. The variations can differ in size of the puzzle or its turning style for instance. 

Competitions organized under World Cube Association's regulations have currently 17 different events. In addition to the regular solving style, the cube is also solved for example one-handed and even blindfolded. In WCA's competitions has been over 150 000 individuals competing in 110 countries since 2003.

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