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X-man Tornado V3 3x3 M

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X-man Tornado V3 3x3 M

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Product description

The X-man Tornado V3 3x3 M is a new version of the popular Tornado series. There are three version available: Standard, Flagship ja Pioneer. Standard has adjustable magnets. The Flagship version has adjustable magnets and core magnets . Pioneer version has all of those features but in addition it has MagLev. Pioneer UV is same as Pioneer but UV coated. UV coating makes the grip better and adds contrast. 

Cube box includes:

- X-Man Tornado V3 M

- Magnetic adjustment tool

- X-Man cube bag

- X-man microfiber cloth

Product details

Brand: QiYi X-man design

Color: Stickerless

Size: 55.5 x 55.5 x 55.5 mm


- Standard: 69g, Flagship: 72g, Pioneer: 81g, Pioneer UV: 82g

Magnetic: Yes

Core magnets: Flagship, Pioneer, Pioneer UV

Maglev: Pioneer and Pioneer UV

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