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40 € Gift card

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40 € Gift card

40,00 €

Product description

Gift card worth 40,00 €. It can be used for any order within 12 months.

In case you are buying only gift card, please select "Gift card to Email" as your shipping method.

Shipping costs

Gift card to Email
0,00 €
Envelope to Finland
2,50 €
Shipping time usually at most 4 business days. Envelope can't be tracked.
Collection point, Matkahuolto
5,90 €
Estimated delivery time 1 - 3 business days.
Home delivery, Matkahuolto
12,90 €
Estimated shipping time 1-3 business days. Order is delivered to home. Delivery time is agreed before delivery with Matkahuolto. In the biggest cities there are also timeslots for evening and weekend.

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